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Let's Empower You! 

Let's Bring You Support So That Your Voice Is Heard

What is Empowerment? 

The term "empowerment" gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? In the context of parenting, communicating, or working, empowerment is the process by which individuals gain mastery and control over their lives and a better understanding of their environment.


We can help families and corperations become passionate about the individual with special needs' medical, therapeutic, and career goals and feel confident that their voice matters and is being heard. Education is a big part of empowerment; we will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. But it's not enough to simply provide you with information; we will also be available to answer questions and offer support. That's where consultation comes in.


By offering families, corporations, and schools regular opportunities to meet, we build trust and rapport.  When done right, empowerment can be an invaluable tool for promoting the breakdowns of attitude, participation, and opportunity barriers. 

The end goal of empowerment is to make active advocates rather than passive recipients of decisions.


How we help you? 

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Our VIP private consulting service is set up for families that would like personal coaching and guidance on their child's care. This package is valid for 3 months and includes full access to a variety of resources, as well as 2x/ weekly personal consulting sessions. 


Are you a clinician that has a caseload of of AAC users and struggling to know what to do to help your patients, clients, students communicate? 

If so... then this program is specifically geared for you! 

During the three months program you will learn various theories behind AAC therapeutic implementation as well as receive 1:1 coaching services directly from Katherine Wallisch M.S., CCC-SLP, CAS, BCCS; AAC & Autism Expert. 

Online Class


With the increase in numbers of neurodiverse individuals that are entering the workforce it is vital that companies and corporations match their business strategies and policies to these individuals communication. 

As an AAC & Autism Expert and business strategist Katherine has a unique set of skills. 

These consulting services include assisting business improve the business strategic plan, communication policies and procedures to better improve the workflow and retention of neurodiverse individuals. 


Do you own a private practice and are noticing that you have an influx of non-verbal or complex communication needs (CCN) children but do not know how to service them in both a clinical and business efficient manner. 

If so, then this program is FOR YOU! We have built this program specifically to help you build out an AAC side to your practice to increase your revenue and have an impact on the most severe to profound children within your community. 

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Have you been working in a variety of settings and DREAMED of working solely with complex communication needs children?  You feel overwhelmed by where to start or not even sure how to you find referrals or how to strategize your business model. 


Katherine Wallisch has built 2 private practices solely focused on CCN children and has grown her business into a multi-million dollar practice. 


Are you a Private or Charter School and have children with Autism in the classroom? 

Do you feel that your staff and faculty are not truly equipped to handle the autistic students in the classroom and could use some training? 

We have an on going consulting service that would focus on training and provide tools, technique through online modules. 

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