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My Origin Story 

My name is Katherine Wallisch and I am a Speech Language Pathologist that specializes in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Autism. Over the years I have realized that my true passion lies with helping special needs individuals be better understood by empowering the people that support and guide them.  Through this journey I help give tools to achieve empowerment.  

I am also the parent of a special needs child and therefore have felt first hand some of the emotions that we as parent can feel, the overwhelming sense of loss and worry we have for our children when life throws us the curve ball we were not expecting. The worries of how are they going to integrate into society, how is society going to understand them, will they be safe?

Even though these are natural worries it can be difficult to admit to ourselves that we as parents, corporations, extended family, friends and etc.,  also need help. 

My mission through this journey is to help people and organizations become empowered through gaining and improving their knowledge and skills to be able to connect with the special needs individual in a more meaningful and deep way so that you and them can not just survive but THRIVE through life!. 

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