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Empowerment Consulting

Educate, Encourage, Empower

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Our VIP private consulting service is set up for families that would like personal coaching and guidance on their child's care.


This package is valid for 3 months and includes full access to a variety of resources, as well as 2x/ weekly personal consulting sessions. 

This service is all about supporting, educating and empowering teachers, aides and other staff members on how to improve their communication styles with complex communication needs students. ​

We are able to conduct: 


  1. Early Intervention Screenings 

  2. Speech & Language Assessments/ Evaluations 

  3. Autism Diagnostic Evaluations 

  4. Ongoing In-service trainings for your faculty & Staff 


All these services are able to be conducted in-house with the specialist coming directly to your school grounds. 

With the increase in numbers of neurodiverse individuals that are entering the workforce it is vital that companies and corporations match their business strategies and policies to these individuals communication. 

As an AAC & Autism Expert and business strategist Katherine has a unique set of skills. 

These consulting services include assisting business improve the business strategic plan, communication policies and procedures to  improve the workflow and retention of neurodiverse individuals. 

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